Working with Photo Supreme

Working with Photo Supreme

We are pleased to report that Tag That Photo "plays nicely" with Photo Supreme.  We pass along thanks to one of our users (Ralf from Europe!) who was determined to see the two products work together.  

There are no special settings other than following these suggestions from Photo Supreme:
Since the last change in Photo Supreme (November 2020) to improve TTP interoperability, there are no specific settings needed in order to read the areas/regions as written with TTP.  Just leave them at default.

After a user changes the metadata with TTP they should reimport the changes. In Photo Supreme that is done with right click on a thumb and then Metadata -> Read Metadata from File. The Windows shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+S; macOS Cmd+Opt+S
From a TTP perspective, we recommend that you don't write face tag names to keywords since Photo Supreme handles face tags properly!
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