Migrating, moving or transferring images

Migrating, moving or transferring images

Things change when one has a computer system - new drives, new computers, etc. - will necessitate a change in image location.  We realize that you definitely don't want to have to re-do any tagging!

Hopefully these different scenarios will help.  And as usual, let us know if you have any questions about any step.

Migrating from one folder to another (or to another drive);

As long as the current folder that is being scanned by Tag That Photo remains until you migrate the photos to a new location then the transition should be easy. 

Example - current folder containing photos is:
And you want to move that to:
[ insert any names you want above ]

Steps would be:
1. assuming current folder has been scanned/tagged by TTP
2. create the target (new) folder - initially it will be empty.
3. add that new folder to TTP Settings
4. copy (not move) those images to new folder
5. let scanning complete - now for each image you should see the reference to both locations of each image - and the existing tagging should be preserved
6. remove the original folder from TTP Settings; you will now only have one reference in the new location (this may take a few hours to clean up depending on the size of your library)

You can try this with a small folder. 

That preserves all the tagging and TTP does not lose the reference to the image.


Migrating from one computer to another - transfer of license:

There are two ways to transfer your database (or at least the content of the metadata which is the important stuff);

1) Simple - if you have metadata writing turned on then when you copy your images to your new machine; install a fresh copy of Tag That Photo; then when the images are scanned they will import the metadata tags and populate the new database.  This is best if you are going to have images in different locations on your new machine.

Big note: your images will be rescanned so this will take a while - your tags are preserved from the metadata, but any deleted faces will return since they are tracked via the database which has been restarted with this method.

2) More involved - via a copy of the user database

1. From the Settings page on the current system, run a backup via the Backup Database option at the bottom of the page.
2. Copy your photos - put them in the same folder location on the new PC (important)
4. Install TTP on the new machine; then shut it down without specifying any folders to scan etc.
5. From the same Settings page on the new system, run a restore via the Restore Database option at the bottom of the page.
6. TTP should restart and you should be good to go 

Big note: If your photos are going to be in different folders on the new machine - it is better to mirror those locations on the old machine first via method described below; and then go through the above transfer process.  
(eg. C:\Photos on current machine, and on new machine they will be C:\Documents\Photos)

In order to move photos on current machine to match the new machine - suggested approach is:

1. On current machine, create the new target folders as empty folders in Win Explorer; Add the new folder names (even though they are empty) to the Tag That Photo library via Settings
2. Copy the photos from the current to the new folders with Tag That Photo running.  It will pick up the metadata during the transfer and the new locations that match your new computer photo locations.
3. Once the scanning activity completes... shut down TTP and start the above process (2) to migrate the photos to the new system

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