Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

This is the list of planned keyboard shortcut changes for a future release:

Current keyboard shortcuts:

• CTRL A or CTRL-click to select multiple thumbnails to "act" on them.
• DELETE - on any app screens to delete the currently selected faces.
• CTRL-Z - to undo
• ESC - reset any selections.
• CTRL+DEL- with Unidentified Faces will mark all for deletion;on Photo Viewer will delete all unknown
faces in current image.

Add following control keys:

• CTRL-N - name all selected.
• CTRL-<, CTRL-> for page nav left and right.
• Arrows for moving current selected faces in all directions.
• CTRL-D or CTRL-DEL for delete all selected.
• CTRL-S to save
• CTRL-Z to undo (same as before)
• CTRL-R to reset

Over the right-hand pane photo thumbnail:

• Hover over ANY face shows any suggestions.
• CTRL-click on any face confirms suggestion.
• CTRL-click on any face without suggestion brings up manual face tag dialog in photo viewer.
• continue with double-click to bring up photo viewer.

In Photo Viewer; control key changes:

• Arrows select faces in all directions.
• CTRL-D or CTRL-DEL for delete all unnamed.
• CTRL-Z to undo (same as before)

In Photo Viewer; mouse/menu changes:

• Hover over ANY face in image itself shows any suggestions.
• CTRL-click on any face brings up name dialog.
• CTRL-N bring up name dialog with any selected face.
• Top left face thumbnail is automatically selected when entering the Photo Viewer.

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