Extracting metadata to a CSV or printing photos with metadata

Extracting metadata to a CSV or printing photos with metadata

Some TTP users have requested a way to export their tag info to CSV.  While TTP does not support that natively, there is a method to do that using the free utility from Exiftool (Phil Harvey created and supports this utility).

The way this is done is using the tag info embedded in the image itself, and not the TTP database info.

Here is a link to the article on the exiftool user group about exporting:

And here is an example of the command line:
exiftool -csv >out.csv *.jpg

The above command would extract all embedded metadata tags from all JPG's and write the data in CSV format to a file called "out.csv".  That file could then be opened in a spreadsheet program.

Some other tips for printing metadata:

The following output is from a free utility called FastPhotoTagger, available for download from Sourceforge.  It requires the Java runtime engine - also free for personal use - so it will prompt you to install that.

It gives lots of options for viewing/printing metadata along with the photos.

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