Exiftool - a great command line utility for photo metadata

Exiftool - a great command line utility for photo metadata

Exiftool is a command line utility created by Phil Harvey (a fellow Canadian).  Available from;

It is a super powerful tool for reporting on metadata, extracting it, modifying it, and in some case repairing it.  It has many features, but for example here is a basic way to dump the metadata from an image to a file called "image_tags.txt".

exiftool -s -G image.jpg >image_tags.txt 

Here is a link to an article about using Exiftool to repair images with corrupted metadata:

Also, for removing metadata from an image, use this command line:
exiftool -all= foo.jpg
Replace foo.jpg with your image name.

If you find the DOS command line too intimidating then check out our note about XnViewMP.
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