Conversion from HEIC preserving metadata

Conversion from HEIC preserving metadata

Some of you have asked whether there is a way to convert HEIC images to JPGs, but preserve the metadata tags you have created in TTP.  That metadata is written into sidecar XMP files.  There is one relatively simple method we have found and that uses a free for personal use software package called XnViewMP.  If you select one or more HEIC images, then click on their Tools / Batch Convert option.

You will get this dialog where;
1) you can change the converted filename and/or folder for output.
2) you leave the default at "Preserve Metadata" 
3) you can specify various JPG quality settings or leave as the defaults

We suggest you move the converted JPG's to another folder that isn't currently being monitored by TTP (or you can actually do that as part of the conversion by specifying a different output folder in XnViewMP).   Then add the new folders, wait until the scanning is finished.  Check a few images with the TTP Photo Viewer to make sure the tags are preserved.  Then you can delete the original folder of HEIC images and all the supporting files.  

Try it out on a set of 5 or 10 images to build your confidence in the process.

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